Data Science

It’s not about finding all the answers, just the right one

Data science is the interdisciplinary field that harnesses the power of machine learning, scientific modelling and artificial intelligence to make sense of big data. TechIntelli gives you a stronghold on the reins of your business to steer it in the right direction, and ahead of the pack. Our engineers use proven methods, software and practices to mine, migrate and analyse data in order to develop predictive models that improves customer experience and operations.

Big Data

Big data is the unstructured and structured data sets that may be too large and complex to understand using simple data-processing software. Getting a good grasp of how big data affects your business can help you to tackle common business issues. Understanding your business’s data will help you to address key areas, which include fraud and compliance, research and development, customer experience and operations.


Short for extract, transform and load, ETL refers to how data is migrated from one database to another. It’s a specific, proven process that converts or loads data from source systems to digital warehouses. Your business will be able to draw data from multiple sources and format it into one central location. By simplifying your data, you’ll be able to analyse and gain knowledge from your business on a new level.

Advanced Data Analytics

TechIntelli uses complex techniques and software to examine big data to find insights, create forecasts and produce recommendations for you to make decisions on your company’s future. Our team uses advanced software and slightly different processes to conduct data mining, predictive analytics and model visualization. We assist businesses in many different sectors including healthcare, telecommunications, risk management, marketing and energy.

Proven data science methods that deliver results


Although we’re headquartered in Texas, we have a global vision. Our team provides the most innovative, creative solutions to your business’s technical needs no matter where you’re located.


TechIntelli strives to become the best in introducing and implementing the most effective technology and consulting services to help businesses keep up with change.

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