Enterprise Applications

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Enterprise application (EA) is a comprehensive software system developed to allow your business to share and organize. With TechIntelli, we have the technological solutions your business needs to become more efficient and productive through functionality and connectivity. EA software can include relevant components including billing systems, security, online shopping, content management and HR management. TechIntelli focuses on two areas of enterprise applications for your business: resource planning and customer relationship management.

We are experts in SAP, Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a management software that permits businesses to administer, collect, share and store information. ERP centralizes and organizes all your company’s information so that different team members can connect and use this data in real time. Your business can streamline and process the flow of information using this integrated tool. There are several benefits to using an ERP system, including, but not limited to:

Customer Relationship Management

It’s good to be able to have many different facets of your company execute tasks well. It’s even better to have all this information and functions in one centralized area. Customer relationship management (CRMs) systems allow you to do so. CRMs permit you to change the way you interact with your customers and do business with them. With a unified system running the show, you’ll be able to administer tasks, manage the relationships you build with customers and target sales easily and more efficiently. Some of the ways CRMs allow you to deliver a better experience include:


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