The Power of Artificial Intelligence

TechIntelli turns complex data into reliable intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is new technology that creates new opportunities. AI is the development of integrated computer systems that have the capabilities to complete activities normally requiring human intelligence. AI consists of machine learning, natural language process, and cognitive computing­—all put to work to gather information.

Machine Learning

Machine learning (ML) is a subset of artificial intelligence that allows computers to use algorithms to find patterns and learn from data without being explicitly programmed every step of the way.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing enables computers to understand, interpret and manipulate human language and commands. Chatbots like IBM Watson and DeepMind understand queries which then resolve customer issues.

Cognitive Computing

Cognitive Computing utilizes data mining, natural language processing and pattern recognition to solve problems at scale. In short, it mimics our thought process in a computerized model.

How AI helps to build your business and lessen your work load

The goal of implementing AI is not to replace the human touch in your workforce, but to equip personnel with an intelligent assistant so they can make better informed decisions. AI takes large sets of complex data and analyses it to solve real-world problems.

Our systems have been deployed in many different sectors including telecommunications, healthcare, finance and energy. AI has a wide range of use to help assist your business:

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IBM Watson

Create and deploy virtual assistants to help you quickly identify patterns, gain insights and make decisions faster.


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